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Use AutoCAD’s powerful search and replace feature, but keep it out of the way by using a new Markup Assist function. Let the software make suggestions and/or add comments to your design.Navigation:Use the built-in feature to quickly navigate large drawings or sections of drawing. Use the Command/Ctrl + arrow keys to scroll through drawing, or use the Page Up/Page Down keys to move to the next or previous page.If you would like to quickly get back to where you were in the current drawing, or back to where you last left off in the current drawing, use the “Home” and “End” functions.Automatic and scale-dependent axis dimensions:Automatic and scale-dependent axis dimensions have been added to the Display Rules dialog box.Automatic dimensions have been added to the Measure Rule dialog box.Precision of measurement:We have increased the precision of measurement of precision measurement points, line weights, and dimensions.You can now create objects that include an exact value and a rounded value. For example, you can create a line with a 2.55 inch measurement in the precision and.1 in the rounded value. Or you can create a line with a 2.55 measurement with a.2 value in both the precision and rounded parts.Dimension and text color:You can now customize the color of text, dimensions, and symbols, including custom colors for each of those items.Paragraph / Column:You can now quickly create columns with paragraph or tab stops.Many other enhancements have been added to this new release.See other major new features here:For more information, contact your local Autodesk sales representative or check out Autodesk Professional Technical Support.Get the 2020 Autodesk Family Pass and download Autodesk® AutoCAD® LT!Download your Autodesk Family Pass by visiting the Autodesk download site.In the Autodesk 2020 release, we have focused on the enhancements and capabilities that will help you create better, faster, and more accurate designs.These enhancements include:1 2be273e24d


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